Regional Successes and Challenges
Track key indicators of the foreclosure crisis in the Chicago region, such as foreclosure filings and auctions, home sales and prices, and more.
Woodstock Institute Foreclosure Updates
Timely information on the patterns and trends in foreclosure filings is critical to community stakeholders as they develop targeted intervention strategies. Woodstock provides this information on a quarterly basis as a service to community organizations, policy makers, financial institutions, and the media.

Foreclosure Updates
OCC/OTS Mortgage Metrics
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Office of Thrift Supervision Mortgage Metrics Reports present performance data on residential mortgages serviced by national banks and thrifts, focusing on delinquenices, loss mitigation actions, and foreclosures.
Making Home Affordable Performance Reports
U.S. Department of Treasury reports on the performance of servicers in implementing the Home Affordable Modification Program. Recent reports include permanent modifications and modifications by state and MSA.
Making Home Affordable Reports