About RHP

RHP Charter

 What is Regional Housing Partnership
Regional Housing Partnership (formerly known as the Regional Home Ownership Preservation Initiative) is a network of organizations working collaboratively to advance housing solutions by keeping people in their homes, maintaining properties, and getting properties back into productive use. 
Working together, public, private and non-profit agencies are developing and implementing joint responses which:  build on existing efforts;  are practical and feasible to accomplish; are replicable across the metro area or scalable to the entire region; and are conducive to increased collaboration among sectors, stakeholders, and communities.
Mission and Goals
Regional Housing Partnership seeks to provide an integrated approach dedicated to building capacity, galvanizing support, and expanding resources to exert a collective, measurable impact on the foreclosure crisis in the Chicago metropolitan region.  Goals for Regional Housing Partnership include: 

  • Keep homeowners and renters in their homes to maximum extent possible;
  • Maintain properties; and,
  • Get foreclosed and vacant properties back into productive use as quickly as possible, consistent with local planning priorities.



Get Involved
Regional HOPI depends on the active participation of representatives from the public, private and non-profit sectors throughout Chicagoland. We need your help in order to bring full recovery to the Chicago area. Please consider donating resources, time or talent to Regional HOPI or one of the issue areas (financial products and loan modifications, housing counseling and legal aid, tenant issues, vacant properties, research). Contact Dory Rand at drand@woodstockinst.org to become more involved.
RHOPI Action Plan
This document summarizes the progress of Regional HOPI and presents a Regional Action Plan to address foreclosures. The following pages describe the parameters of Regional HOPI, the findings and objectives of each task force, and a cohesive, regional action plan to alleviate foreclosures and their impacts.

RHOPI Partners
Over 100 individuals at more than 70 organizations are involved in developing solutions to the foreclosure crisis for the Chicago metro area via on-the-ground solutions and cross-sector and inter-jurisdictional coordination.