2014 Chicago Area Housing Market Conditions Report

The Housing Market Conditions Report is released in conjunction with the annual update of the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal. The objective of this report is to help users of the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal understand how to interpret IHS market conditions indicators such as levels of foreclosure distress, the characteristics of property sales, or levels of mortgage credit and how they vary across the region in the most recent data.

Cook County House Price Index: Second Quarter 2012

 This is the first release of the DePaul University Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) Cook County House Price Index and reflects house price changes on properties with repeat sales from the first quarter of 1997 through the second quarter of 2012. The IHS Cook County House Price Index breaks out price trends separately for the four main residential property types found in Cook County: single family detached homes, condominium units, small multifamily rental buildings with two-to-four units, and larger multifamily rental buildings with five or more units.

The State of Rental Housing in Cook County

By the DePaul Institute for Housing Studies
Four in ten Cook County residents are renters, yet to date much of the discussion about the housing crisis has focused on its effects on current and potential homeowners. This report examines how changes in the housing market over the last decade have affected renters and, in particular, access to affordable rental housing in Cook County.

Cook County Rent and Vacancy Report, First Quarter 2010

Rent and vacancy data for the entire county are updated quarterly and enable policy makers, community groups, and other stakeholders to better understand the rental housing stock in suburban Cook County and five Chicago submarkets.
The report found:

Chicago Rent and Vacancy Report: Softening Conditions in the Chicago Rental Market

By DePaul University Institute for Housing Studies
The weakened local economy has significantly affected the rental apartment market. Since the second half of 2007, overall vacancy rates in the city of Chicago have increased from 5% to 5.7% in 2008, and to 6.2% in the second quarter of 2009.

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